Album by Hunter Hayes: “Hunter Hayes (Deluxe Version)”
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Photo by Hunter Hayes
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Photo by Hunter Hayes
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Photo by Hunter Hayes
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Oscar traditions:


  • jennifer lawrence falls
  • no oscar for you leo

I feel like the year she doesn’t fall will also be the year when Leo finally wins

If Leo can survive the Oscars every year, you can survive anything.
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"The army stationed me down South when I was younger, and I couldn’t even use the same bathroom as white people. But things have changed so much. The younger generation isn’t nearly as racist. I’ve been sitting here for fifty years. So much has changed. This neighborhood used to be all black. A white person couldn’t even walk down this street. All the races kept to themselves. Now you’ve got Indians talking to Pakistanis, blacks talking to whites, everybody is here and learning from each other’s cultures. I’ve been sitting here for 50 years. Things are getting better."
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Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own

Robert A. Heinlein








I’m sorry y’all I can’t watch bk’s show without thinking about how I twerked on their ball

Get ur nasty ass off me boy I’ll stomp you so fast u lil shit oh hell nah I did not ask for this

Excuse u

Fight me u fuckin tater tot

^ I wonder who runs this account…definitely not monica

Wow so ur saying balls can’t have blogs now whatever happened to equality thanks Obama

Yup, knew it.
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